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Apps being used


All of the different Apps being used to display my galleries were programmed by me. I really enjoy writting application code and have built a sizable library of different apps centered around my photography interest and client needs. You can view all of my offerings at www.graphicaholic.com. As I head towards retirement my plan is to grow this library, continue to offer most as free downloads along with introducing several low price, affordable apps to help pay for some much needed photography gear. Currently all of my apps are programmed for the Joomla! CMS framework but there are plans to extend them out to the WordPress CMS and maybe Drupal CMS.

The primary app being used to display my galleries is a program I call GalleryAholic. It is a very flexable grid based application that allows for a host of custom layouts and features. There are several ways to pull images into your Joomla! 3.x based website ranging from Google+, Instagram, Flickr, a Joomla! image folder or an assigned article category.

There are a number of custom programs built into this website to display or just show-off my 'stuff'. Hope you enjoy your time here and please poke me if I can be of any service to you.